Lots of great new artists come to IMP

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It’s been a good week for new Indie bands and artists joining us, many of them making it straight to the front page feature list.

So many people are amazed at the music we have stored at our site They are surprised that they haven’t heard of many of the artists because the standard is so high.   BE AMAZED TOO


Where do listeners hang out?

The site is buzzing with new bands, especially since we lifted the song number restrictions.  We’re getting quality artists, popular bands and amazing music every day…..  but who is going to listen?   So many people I talk to say they love original new music or they want to support independent and struggling musicians but then they go to Spotify, Amazon and the like with a large % listening to the old classic bands…. No need folks, some of our artists are just as good and much more accessible.

Maybe the listeners hang out at Soundcloud or Bandcamp, fair enough, they have plenty of good original stuff…. but they don’t have a social arena, it’s not easy to talk to the artists or share with other listeners.

Good artists deserve good listeners SO BE ONE

Melody Gardot

Melody Gardot

Introducing some of our new Indie Music People

We’ve had plenty of new artists joining Indie Music People since the relaunch, here’s just a small selection to whet your appetite.  Some songs made it straight to our BIG 25 Featured Songs stream.  It could have been YOU or someone you know who deserves exposure and feedback.  One click will take you to each artist/band and their music.  Do it 🙂

Welcome to Minor Alps

Welcome to Salim Nourallah

Welcome to The Black Tubes

Welcome to The Driers

Welcome to The Striped Bananas

Welcome to Avi Buffalo

Welcome to Big Scary

Welcome to Ramona Falls

Welcome to Pearly Gate Music

Alphastates – Award winning IMPs

Alphastates are members of IMP

Alphastates are members of IMP