Something is brewing for 2016

Can you feel it?  I know it’s always the same when the new year approaches and we all swear to change our lives for the better but mostly it’s short lived, hot air, just a yearly ritual we’re obliged to take part in…. BUT…. this time there seems to be more sincerity, more determination and resolve, more reason to make an extra effort.

Songwriters are talking about expanding their repertoire, producers are talking about investing in new equipment and artists/bands are promising to try harder to organize themselves, network more, research more and get out there.

Did anyone get any inspirational books for Christmas?  There’s nothing better than reading how someone else did what you’re aspiring to do.  It’s too easy to put it all down to luck or money, sometimes pure hard work can pay off…. as long as you know you have what people want you’ll find a way of giving it to them by hook or by crook.  Starting January 1st 2016!

Here’s the latest BIG 25 from IMP