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Last night indie music fans were glued to Impeccable Radio to listen to the Golden Kayak Award Show.  It went without a hitch and was ably presented by Scott and Zeeza while everyone waited to congratulate the winners on the Pipeline ‘Party Thread’

You can relive the occasion here  The artists will be receiving their awards in the next few days.  Management and admin worked so hard to organize, run and present the show and I think all the members who took part, voted and attended,  enjoyed themselves.

So start writing your original songs now…. every song uploaded will be eligible for nomination in the 2016 competition at IMP  later this year.  We are THE friendly music meeting place and listening post for indie music people.


Lots of great new artists come to IMP

Check out the lists HERE

It’s been a good week for new Indie bands and artists joining us, many of them making it straight to the front page feature list.

So many people are amazed at the music we have stored at our site They are surprised that they haven’t heard of many of the artists because the standard is so high.   BE AMAZED TOO

An outlet for your original songs on our popular site (no charge)

When you bring your songs to us for free, as many as you have, they will feature on this page every time Station Owners like them enough to comment.  They will then get the attention of other Station Masters and listeners and so you fame spreads 🙂  Try it!  Station Mash Feature

Meet the artists who became Indie Music People

And the latest IMP Spotlight interview is HERE  Discover the music of Alex Siegel and many other great independent musicians at IMP, a site where you can actually meet and discuss music with the people who make it… along with any other topic you feel inspired to blog about.  Indie Music People Are you one?

the mojo

This week’s spotlight interview @ IMP (It could soon be YOU)

A band called Soft Cactus

There are going to be more and more Spotlight interviews on our front page at Indie Music People

So why not join us now, upload your songs FOR FREE and if you’re interesting and good it shouldn’t be long before you’re featured.

We’re always scouting for great new independent artists/bands in all genres.

Summer inspiration to Winter desolation

It’s rather quiet on the site forum (The Pipeline) at the moment, probably a combination of Weekend and Summer in most Countries – but it is noticeable that more new music comes from artists and bands in the Southern hemisphere at this time of the year – Australia is buzzing.  The Summertime is a great inspiration for songs however, happy songs about warmth and freedom, love and fun. These moments must be remembered in the colder months as we look back and wish the Summer was still here.  Maybe writing about Summer is an antidote to hard times while music written in winter reflects a different side of us..  Winter songs tend to be slower and deeper, colder and more emotionally challenging – while Summer songs tend to be upbeat, easy listening and sing-a-long in nature.

Then we have the in-between seasons of Spring and Autumn both very inspirational, one new, fresh and hopeful, the other glorious, rich, colorful and mature.the mojo

What’s going on here ?

Hey,  just taking a look at what’s happening in the site community forum/blog The Pipeline.  How eclectic is this…..

* Pop Quizzes from Quizmo

* Personal fun predictions by The Amazing NostraDumbass

* True anecdotes and outright fiction from our loved anons and others

* Verity’s songwriters workshop and useful tips from regular posters

* Observations and challenges from a Listener’s perspective

* Frustrations from the artists’ perspective

* IMP members (could be you) uploading promo, links and videos

* Cynical poetry from IMPoster and others plus lyrics and creative writing from a host of  talented wordsmiths

* New Stations with reviews plus The Feedback Factory (valuable social forum)

* Of course there are always threads with news, politics, sport, opinions generally and      the odd band focus or interview


Follow us here or become a member at The most caring indie music people’s site we know of

The Frauds

The Frauds

Bye for now,  Captain Blogwash and the IMP volunteer crew