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Did you know that when you upload your music at IMP you can choose from 100s of different sub genres, no other music site offers more – So whether you are Space Rock or Meditation, Ambient Tribal or Urban Contemporary Gospel, Dream Pop or Retro Psychedelic or whatever… Just check us out More genres than you could ever imagine

This week’s spotlight interview @ IMP (It could soon be YOU)

A band called Soft Cactus

There are going to be more and more Spotlight interviews on our front page at Indie Music People

So why not join us now, upload your songs FOR FREE and if you’re interesting and good it shouldn’t be long before you’re featured.

We’re always scouting for great new independent artists/bands in all genres.

It’s getting controversial back home

At Indie Music People we have a Blog/Forum which is usually quite pleasant and civilized but this week it seems a lot of us are getting grumpy or controversial.  Is it a full moon or something ? Here’s a few topics from The Pipeline

  • Do you have an excuse for your feeble lack of applying yourself to your music?
  • Here’s what’s wrong with the world.
  • Medical Marijuana for or against?
  • Kim Davis is a jackass.
  • You know what gets me down?
  • Many years ago, someone said I sucked at music

If anything interests you then feel free to come over and join in the fun – music artists, Bloggers and listeners equally welcome

Also try the ‘Album Cover Teaser’ if it’s still up – Cheers Captain Blogwash and the crew

Latest topics being discussed

The sort of threads coming up on the Pipeline at Indie Music People

  • Did metal music usurp the craziness out of rock?
  • Do you make music for yourself or for your audience?
  • The most over rated album ever
  • Music On The Roof 2015
  • Video is the way forward.

…And the sillier threads….

  • How did you come to be obscene?
  • What’s your favorite condiment?
  • high maintenance neighbors can go to hell

Well there’s lots more and there’s plenty of room for YOU to come in and give your views and share your interests, concerns and stories!

See ya there me hearties – Cap’n & crew of IMP

Where to hear new great indie music! (now on all devices)


Piranya and  James Harker and  Rinsley and Dream Generation (press play on the song page)

The quality of music at IMP is stunning.  Why bother with huge faceless sites when you have free new songs right here at our friendly, interactive site.  We’re growing, help us grow more by listening to our great artists OR uploading your own music (as much as you like) and becoming an artist who we want to listen to?

See/hear you there

new commit

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Summer inspiration to Winter desolation

It’s rather quiet on the site forum (The Pipeline) at the moment, probably a combination of Weekend and Summer in most Countries – but it is noticeable that more new music comes from artists and bands in the Southern hemisphere at this time of the year – Australia is buzzing.  The Summertime is a great inspiration for songs however, happy songs about warmth and freedom, love and fun. These moments must be remembered in the colder months as we look back and wish the Summer was still here.  Maybe writing about Summer is an antidote to hard times while music written in winter reflects a different side of us..  Winter songs tend to be slower and deeper, colder and more emotionally challenging – while Summer songs tend to be upbeat, easy listening and sing-a-long in nature.

Then we have the in-between seasons of Spring and Autumn both very inspirational, one new, fresh and hopeful, the other glorious, rich, colorful and mature.the mojo

‘Meet the Artist’ Q&A series proving popular at IMP

Our latest Pipeline project is a Q&A for volunteer artists at IMP’s Community forum/blog.  We have 7 artists lined up already and we’re hoping for more!

First Volunteer was Todd from Hop On Pop who seemed to enjoy the experience.

An example of getting to know an indie music person

And here is Stoneman one of the featured volunteers

A 'Meet the artist' volunteer

A ‘Meet the artist’ volunteer

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Captain Blogwash and the crew

Captain Blogwash and the Blogging Crew at IMP

Captain Blogwash and the Blogging Crew at IMP