“I don’t want to talk”

Remember that ABBA classic?  I believe the sentiments are more relevant than ever these days.  People don’t need to physically speak to each other, it can all be said in a quick  #Tweet or some abridged text message.  You may eat together but there’s a good chance it will be mouth filling take-away and all you need to say if how good or bad it is.

No need to go into a shop to discuss a purchase, just quietly order it on-line to be delivered (and this now includes the weekly groceries)  You don’t even need to visit the professional services because everything from health to relationships to travel, art and entertainment reviews, lifestyle advice or child rearing, it’s all ‘Googleable’

Need to move home?  you can see every nook and cranny of your prospective buy online, zoom in to the vendors effects, walk down their ‘virtual’ road, find out what they paid.    But people are moving home, away from family so they’re left to Skype each other… and that novelty soon gets tired.

No need to talk to the kids (or the parents) everyone’s busy playing electronic games or watching TV in their own rooms.  Families don’t share music any more, no sitting around the radio waiting for the new chart positions, no going to record shops, it’s all downloadable and free more than likely.

People don’t want to talk about politics, they just shout slogans and jump on bandwagons hoping to meet celebrities, but not to talk to, just to take selfies for facebook.

Remember forums?  they were places to talk and talk a few years back but it seems it’s all been said now… people are repeating themselves or they’re just using them for promo. It’s all very hit and miss when you start a thread, if the right people are there it might end up as a long discussion but you risk talking to yourself, being wrongly identified, deleted or getting polite but empty responses.

The reason for this ‘out of character’ blog is that although Indie Music People is getting vast numbers of new members uploading new great songs, The Pipeline (social chat area) hasn’t really expanded at all and I wonder why.  Sure there are plenty of new anons and a couple of ‘characters’ that milk it somewhat but I wonder what happened to those threads that attracted every man and his dog?  Where are the people who want to talk…… to each other and not just themselves?



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