Summer inspiration to Winter desolation

It’s rather quiet on the site forum (The Pipeline) at the moment, probably a combination of Weekend and Summer in most Countries – but it is noticeable that more new music comes from artists and bands in the Southern hemisphere at this time of the year – Australia is buzzing.  The Summertime is a great inspiration for songs however, happy songs about warmth and freedom, love and fun. These moments must be remembered in the colder months as we look back and wish the Summer was still here.  Maybe writing about Summer is an antidote to hard times while music written in winter reflects a different side of us..  Winter songs tend to be slower and deeper, colder and more emotionally challenging – while Summer songs tend to be upbeat, easy listening and sing-a-long in nature.

Then we have the in-between seasons of Spring and Autumn both very inspirational, one new, fresh and hopeful, the other glorious, rich, colorful and mature.the mojo

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