Rockin Revolt of the Indie Female

At our site in the last 2 weeks, we have gotten the greatest influx of female artists I’ve ever seen anywhere.  They are not just your normal indies, some of these ladies are advanced to the point I seriously think a half dozen or so of them have the talent to overtake the Rihannas and Beyonces and Gagas.  They are smarter, far better songwriters, and you learn a lot about life listening to their tunes, seriously.  I had problems putting them in order because they’re all amazing, so I just let that alone.  I can’t even mention them all, there are too many.  They are also very different.  I’m going to take a shot at including the ones that impacted me the most and I have listened quite a lot.  Am only going to talk about their music here and leave aside the peripheral image stuff.  I’d really like to take claim for these women as IMP‘s own but that would be selfish, they belong to the world.  I only hope they remember this site on their journey down the road as the first place who understood how fucking great they are.  I don’t want these artists to linger in indie obscurity, it’s unfair.  But sadly, most of them will.  That’s the age we’re in.  But we get to know and we get to enjoy them.

DeMonicka – okay I’m going to list her first because she has as of now 5 total quality songs on her page.  On top of that she has something to say, and she says it greatly.  She is a great singer and great songwriter.  I am a lyrics guy myself and the lyrics to 2 of her songs, 21st Century and David, are just shockingly brilliant.  Too bad the major labels don’t care about songwriting, she is a great big star right now, let me be the first to say it.

Denquar – She’s only brought one song to our world thus far but the video is captivating, she is a powerhouse, the likes of which we don’t run into often.  From the first breath on Nothing Like You I feel my neck start to tingle, the combination of her voice and her verbal mastery is I think something I’ve never heard before in the blues.  I suspect any rational man could love a girl like her.  🙂

Taiacore – This is a couple.  Marta Tai the singer gets you right away in the first damn line of the song.  Shit if I heard a song like this on American hit radio I’d think I died and went to heaven!   It’s actually reached #1 in the IMP All Genres chart.  I love her ease, her cool. Her husband is fabulous too.  Like she says on the song page, they deserve it all.

Chloe Collins – She is the indie pop queen, at 16.  The power of her voice could rule the universe. Her song My Goodbye, my god, the unbridled sincerity..  Somebody needs to get that song in a movie and soon.  I’m pretty pessimistic about the world and society and all but I just listened to this song again and I have a hopefulness.  Greater days are ahead.  I feel it coming, just hearing Chloe.

Francesca Tamellini – Her productions are no-frills in the best kinda way but moreso, there’s something about her that reminds me of a young Carole King.  She really doesn’t need more than voice and piano to carry off these well-crafted, intelligent songs.  “Don’t baby me, I’m not baby anymore.”   Her songs put me in a dreamy trance.  Her musical instincts are fabulous.

Caitlin Davis – Her song You Learn To Live Without is another that absolutely someday must be a theme song to a movie.  She is 13 but she tells us about the world, I saw the video and had visions of a new culture ahead.  Amazingly powerful voice, she is a star already but the world just doesn’t know yet.

Michèle Raffaele – She’s remarkably articulate, her singing is manic with a purpose, she delivers the song Not Lost In You like noone has delivered a song, ever..  What can I say? She’s unreal talented.  I’ve never heard a song like this in my life.  She’s what Tori Amos wished she could be but never could.

What, I’m 7 lady artists in and still in total greatness territory.  but wait, I got more!

Kaity Rae – Kaity’s already getting real radio airplay, is on the verge of another eschelon so she’s a little different from the others – but talent-wise, she is so good at country music I think she will cross over into the pop realm pretty easily.  Great assured voice.  Great hit song called Before I Knew that is hooky as ya get.

Sru – Sru has a pretty amazing first song on the site called Time.  A movie theme.  Big-building electronic aural experience.  Great musical instincts, she’s very creative.  Is she really only 16?   She brings some very adult emotions to the table here.  Has as much potential as pretty much any lady on this list.

Trez – Her voice grabs ya from the 1 second mark too, and placed within a state-of-the-art backdrop, in her song Live My Life.. well, that song would kick the can of any of the current top 10 on Billboard.

Rivita – What is your heart beating for?  Why, it’s to listen to a voice like this singing songs that sound like iconic tunes from the 60s and 70s.  There is this sweet edge to her voice that warms me to the core.

Betty Moon – Here’s the superb soul singer on the list.  Betty brings it.  I tend to think those who excel at soul music were born with it running thru their pores and that’s clearly the case here with her song Feel the Pressure. “Give in to it.”

Lucy – Here’s an 8 year-old young lady whose singing has more verve and charisma than Miley Cyrus ever had as a child star.  The song The Magical Mirror itself is pretty elaborate too.  Lucy totally delivers, her future I’m sure will be huge.

Elly Hadaway – A dynamic folk singer who writes songs that should be sang at campfires all over the woods of the world.

Seren Jade – Last but not least is this 10 year old prodigy with a fully grown voice.  I heard her song and said wow.

There are even more I don’t have room to mention.  Behold the overwhelming motherlode of female talent who arrived at IMP shining like stars and exploding like fireworks.




Were you there?

Last night indie music fans were glued to Impeccable Radio to listen to the Golden Kayak Award Show.  It went without a hitch and was ably presented by Scott and Zeeza while everyone waited to congratulate the winners on the Pipeline ‘Party Thread’

You can relive the occasion here  The artists will be receiving their awards in the next few days.  Management and admin worked so hard to organize, run and present the show and I think all the members who took part, voted and attended,  enjoyed themselves.

So start writing your original songs now…. every song uploaded will be eligible for nomination in the 2016 competition at IMP  later this year.  We are THE friendly music meeting place and listening post for indie music people.

Support your local Indies

Make 2016 a year to seek out independent artists and bands who are struggling to keep going in a World where music is expected to be free to all.

Find out where live bands are playing locally, buy their CDs and go shake their hands and tell them how much you enjoyed their music.

Find Indie music sites like Indie Music People . com and spend some time listening to something you haven’t heard on the radio or anywhere else in fact.  Be amazed at the quality of songwriting and producing from these amateurs who love what they do and want you to love what they do too.

Happy listening !


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Something is brewing for 2016

Can you feel it?  I know it’s always the same when the new year approaches and we all swear to change our lives for the better but mostly it’s short lived, hot air, just a yearly ritual we’re obliged to take part in…. BUT…. this time there seems to be more sincerity, more determination and resolve, more reason to make an extra effort.

Songwriters are talking about expanding their repertoire, producers are talking about investing in new equipment and artists/bands are promising to try harder to organize themselves, network more, research more and get out there.

Did anyone get any inspirational books for Christmas?  There’s nothing better than reading how someone else did what you’re aspiring to do.  It’s too easy to put it all down to luck or money, sometimes pure hard work can pay off…. as long as you know you have what people want you’ll find a way of giving it to them by hook or by crook.  Starting January 1st 2016!

Here’s the latest BIG 25 from IMP


“I don’t want to talk”

Remember that ABBA classic?  I believe the sentiments are more relevant than ever these days.  People don’t need to physically speak to each other, it can all be said in a quick  #Tweet or some abridged text message.  You may eat together but there’s a good chance it will be mouth filling take-away and all you need to say if how good or bad it is.

No need to go into a shop to discuss a purchase, just quietly order it on-line to be delivered (and this now includes the weekly groceries)  You don’t even need to visit the professional services because everything from health to relationships to travel, art and entertainment reviews, lifestyle advice or child rearing, it’s all ‘Googleable’

Need to move home?  you can see every nook and cranny of your prospective buy online, zoom in to the vendors effects, walk down their ‘virtual’ road, find out what they paid.    But people are moving home, away from family so they’re left to Skype each other… and that novelty soon gets tired.

No need to talk to the kids (or the parents) everyone’s busy playing electronic games or watching TV in their own rooms.  Families don’t share music any more, no sitting around the radio waiting for the new chart positions, no going to record shops, it’s all downloadable and free more than likely.

People don’t want to talk about politics, they just shout slogans and jump on bandwagons hoping to meet celebrities, but not to talk to, just to take selfies for facebook.

Remember forums?  they were places to talk and talk a few years back but it seems it’s all been said now… people are repeating themselves or they’re just using them for promo. It’s all very hit and miss when you start a thread, if the right people are there it might end up as a long discussion but you risk talking to yourself, being wrongly identified, deleted or getting polite but empty responses.

The reason for this ‘out of character’ blog is that although Indie Music People is getting vast numbers of new members uploading new great songs, The Pipeline (social chat area) hasn’t really expanded at all and I wonder why.  Sure there are plenty of new anons and a couple of ‘characters’ that milk it somewhat but I wonder what happened to those threads that attracted every man and his dog?  Where are the people who want to talk…… to each other and not just themselves?


Lots of great new artists come to IMP

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It’s been a good week for new Indie bands and artists joining us, many of them making it straight to the front page feature list.

So many people are amazed at the music we have stored at our site They are surprised that they haven’t heard of many of the artists because the standard is so high.   BE AMAZED TOO

An outlet for your original songs on our popular site (no charge)

When you bring your songs to us for free, as many as you have, they will feature on this page every time Station Owners like them enough to comment.  They will then get the attention of other Station Masters and listeners and so you fame spreads 🙂  Try it!  Station Mash Feature

Meet the artists who became Indie Music People

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